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The Room

  I have a room in my studio that is about 15x15 feet square. It receives window light through a single door. The walls are colored off-white with panels. The floor is painted black. The light in this room is very soft and dream like.

  My goal is to produce a series of portraits in this room with simple, available light using minimal backdrops. I want the room to contribute as much to the feel of the images as much as the subjects.

Andrew Wyeth Perspective

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Andrew Wyeth's birth. I have always loved his style and am producing images in memory of him.

The Olson House

The Watcher

 The Watcher is a project I have had in mind for at least three years. I was inspired by Jack Vettriano, a Scottish painter, who has a unique storytelling ability in his images; figures lurking in the background leaving one to wonder what is really going on and who is naughty and who is nice. 

 I wanted my project to be in a dated "film noir" style and required the right model to pull it off. I found Vox Serene  and she loved the idea. The dude in the background is my good friend K. Hansen. So sit back and watch the images in order and see where they lead.

Click on image to pause and enlarge. This will also enable manual navigation of the slide show.

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